At the beach, sitting in the sand, talking to myself.

Salt water
encased in glossy eyes.
begging for blue
drowning in air.

everything before me flies
yet I don’t really seem to care.

Apathy flood,
peace in disguise
forbidden waters
I have entered

The stillness is
a mimicked birth
And I surrender at its center.

Weightless I am cradled
by ocean arms,
a dissolving human hurricane.

And calm bleeds over all commotion
washing dyed blight into a drain.

Red encrusted rust
stains veins and thoughts within.
Why do I love all that which pains
and burns me at the whim.

Pray that I find abyss as deep
and black as cosmic holes
Pray that a prayer really works
and it swallows me whole.

May algae, scales, and shredded teeth
blanket me for good
And those that guilt grieve for this loss
claim I’m misunderstood.

* Not my image

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