Remember the grass?
The way it would brush by your hair and look like you have key lime pie highlights.
The lemon zest on your head was my decadence.
You always smelled so nice.
I remember the mint colored kisses the rain would place on your forehead in the summer.
Twenty plucks of tulips blanketing your face as you fell asleep in the meadow by the river.
I wish I could hold you like the hills did.
You know they always made me jealous.
Remember when I lost you to the birches after we paid a visit to the woods?
You ran and ran, sharing your pulse with the ground, flying past the forestry.
Surfing on the waves of the lush green carpet.
I found you sleeping with the evening then;
making love to the moonlight.
You broke my heart.
What could I do but watch
waiting for morning to arrive so that you could see the sorrow in my eyes.
I lied.
Told you they were dew droplets dripping from my chin.
Bestowed upon me by the caring mist of dawn.
But I could taste the bitter truth on your lips;
Your love belonged to the crown of the mountain peaks,
the army of dandelions planted on the ledge of the castle steps of the forest.
The pointed thistles of thorns and the gin of sap.
But it brings me joy
to hear your laugh echo through the lining of the milky way
It brings me joy
to see you dancing on the rings of saturn,
to feel the warmth on my skin that is yours pouring from the sun.
It brings me joy
to taste the sweetness of your breath hanging from the wind.  
I congratulate you on your engagement to the universe.
Not to worry, I need no invitation,
I know exactly where you are.
It’s hard to give you away.
But I know that you’ll be happier that way.
So here my sunshine,
a toast to your lifetime with the cosmos.
Because that love,
my beautiful,
my dear,
is truly infinite.


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