Bloody oranges

Pierce the fruit, ripe and supple. Blood dripping down your chin fingers and skin. Peel perfume; Citrus zest. the orange wears red lips and whiskey breath. Good with lemon and lime, likes seltzer too. Orange cream-sickle too good to be true. Take a bite, she’s juicy. Grapefruit’s cousin You may not like her, but that’s…

Some life, huh?

laughing crying eating breathing sleeping reading drinking feeling dreaming driving swimming skydiving seeing trying winning losing biking hiking swiping typing smoking dancing loving hating financing writing working painting thinking moving. What the hell am I doing?              

I worry sometimes

about you about me about freedom. I worry sometimes. about distance about hours about flowers about voices. I worry sometimes. about blood about colors about clouds about water. I worry sometimes. about teeth about pens about birds about friends. I worry sometimes. about dust about lust about sharing about caring. Sometimes I worry Worry I…

First Love Poem

I’d like to share my first love poem by yours truly haha! When I told ya’ll I’ve been writing since 98′ I wasn’t kiddin’ Shout out to 8 year old moi; two years after moving to The States and learning English. Enjoy! Poem. My sweet my love. Your my haert.   (heart) My sweet juse coconut. …


4.15.18   14:35 Yesterday my mother told me that I am wise. I was closing my eyes in bed My comforter vibrated. I read, “I wish I was as wise as you even are now. I love you just so much” My face turned to sand. I engraved the words into a plaque in my brain….