Invisible ink

Bounce on this lap
like you in a bouncy house.

Back it up on me
I wanna watch you dance.

Can I pull on the pony,
just a little?
Bend you over,
write a check,
split you down the middle?

9mm bulging through my pants
Feel your pretty nails up on it.
I don’t need a pipe to get you hype
Unsullied god,
make you feel right.

the honeys drip when they with me.
Juices flowing from the ceiling.
Rubies shimmer all the feelings
Diamonds dancing, got you kneeling.
Pray it’s all you ever see.

Pearly whites, on god
don’t need bling, my teeth look better naked.
Juicy fruit, facade.
Think, then say something sacred.

Summer fling, don’t mean a thing
if you don’t want it to
Come ride me with the top down
I know its all you ever wanna do.








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