She’s a pervert,
real wet and sick
keeps it classy;
but hell with the shade
Bitch puts the ass in sassy.

Leather hugs her tits
Red stains the lips,
Chains ice her wrists
Glock grips the hips

All-dark aesthetic
black knee-high boots
whip on both thighs
stuntin’ looks.

Ready for the fix
she’s looking to play
all the games in the book
only, done her way.

She’ll give it to you,
better than you ever could
Real tight and right
leave you misunderstood.
Won’t be able to decipher
between the bad and good.

But you’re in luck
It’s not a quick fuck
and either way
whether it takes a minute
or all day,
you’re gonna bust
before you can say,

* Not my image

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