Ballad for B

My dearest friend,

The time has come for me to say,
that I am no longer in dismay.
But in the nights of endless blue,
your face I still see, my thoughts are still you.

Aside all quarrel, clash and tire,
Inside my heart remains a fire.
So infinite, this candle burns for you.
Through storms of ice, through rain and snow
this little fire stays aglow.

And when the time will grow new need,
this little heart of mine will bleed.
The flood of change will fight and try
but the burning fire will not die.

Through tortured seasons, clouds, and sun,
may you forever know that you have won.
This place you hold, so dear in me
will always have an open door.
And you may enter if you wish
ever thine,
ever mine,



On a sad heartbreak wave but life goes on.

Picture: “Lovers in the red sky”  painting by Marc Chagall.

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