What I Imagine love feels like when whispered into my ear


You taste like milk and honey;
Not just body, but the voice,
The laugh,
The simper.
Sweet sounds of sunshine..
A caramel symphony,
A Silk sheet of serenade.
Every word a song…


Each breath we exchange,
I want to fill my lungs with
at capacity.
It’s so clean…

Not even freshly cut grass or mint compare.

And I’ve always wondered
How life brings paths to cross.
Yours, mine,
Everyone else’s.
It’s like a labyrinth…
Of love, sadness and content.
You think you’ve reached the end,
But it’s the beginning again.
after birth,
Renewal, release, revolution.

You never know where it’s going..
You just know it can stop at any time.

And you..
You’re here.
With me.
Right now.
My rebirth,
My beginning
My end
My unknown.
You are the labyrinth.


I know this.
I know you.
I love you.



*I painted this Animal Collective cover on canvas in February*
Acrylic paint, oil pastel, colored pencil, pen, watercolor, and marker.

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