23:11 10/19/17

You are no psychologist,
But you know how to play the brain.
Roll the dice on the green velvet of undefined gray matter
Snake eyes; see no more
Gamble away a few calamitous memories
In exchange for some exhilaration.
Won’t give into interim temptation,
Neuron signals higher expectation.
You mind reader you…
Playing games to get your way
Indulgence can be dangerous
Don’t you say?
The experiment you choose is life
Decide wisely
Or the scalpel will dull the blade of your knife.
Make a swift incision into my head.
But remember..
One poorly thought out action,
And you’ll put me straight to bed.
Cunning artist
Yes you are.
Good deeds will certainly take you far
But ahh…
The wiser the weaker they say.
More susceptible to a familiar way
So go ahead, let ignorance and bliss break bread.
And I guarantee..
You’ll want to take a peek inside their heads instead.

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