For the Love of Aggression

Chicago, IL, USA

Have you ever wondered why humans know the differences between right and wrong, instilling love and compassion towards one another for thousands of years, yet still enjoy the gamey taste of violence and the scent of aggressive behavior? I for one can find myself trapped in this fascinating life dilemma.
We find ourselves telling each other, “I hate drama, it’s just so unnecessary you know?” But isn’t that a load of bull? You preach that you hate drama, but there you are snooping around Tara’s facebook digging in the pile of dirty laundry that is the chain of comments on her breakup, or exposing your ex best friend for betrayal.
It seems as if we always find a reason to want attention from negativity or romanticize pessimism.
But the real question is why?
Why are we so obsessed with the feeling of sadness, the look of fear, and the touch of pain? Why are those the dominant forces of our being? Why have we forgotten to appreciate happiness in its raw form, undocumented and real?
Why are social media posts more valuable than tangible memories that will remain in the mind forever?
What is the use of a beautiful memory if it is blocked by a cell phone? Is a glamorous instagram worth more than a compilation of immersed scenic in-the-moment memories?
And most importantly, why is it that even as I am writing this, I am retrospecting every breathtaking moment wasted by a social media post, yet still looking forward to capturing the next one?
We are conflicted between what is actually the right thing to do and what we think is the right thing to do. How do we know? Will we ever know? Have we come too far to go back to simpler times? Is getting rid of social media the only way? Does optimism even exist anymore? What about authenticity? Ingenuity?
Think about it… think about the sense of it all.
Does it mean anything?

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