Andromeda and Milky Way

He is the Universe

My lips mouthed,

As I traced the constellations of freckles on his back with my fingers;
Kissing the stars and moons orbiting his heart.

I watched him flutter his eyes closed,

Two chartreuse wreath nebulae,

As the last bit of sunlight kissed the Earth goodnight.

I gazed at him falling asleep,

Into a deep bath of melody, stillness and dreams,

He lied next to me,

I stared and stared at

The mantle of his chest rise with every peaceful breath;

Stroking my aching hands through the helios of his head.

I looked at this man, this cluster of worlds presented before myself,

As I held him on my protruding cosmic core,

Yielding warmth and feeling.

Pressing our cluster of stars to combine.

Our bodies, nothing but collided asteroids floating in the vast.

And kept him safe;
love of my life.

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