Money is an Internal Organ

Money is an internal organ

I read it in an anatomy book the other day.

It is distributed amongst all vital parts of the body.

It is near the liver,

allowing liquor to corrode it.

It is weaved into the lining of the stomach,

guiding various medications and dieting pills through the digestive system.

It is in the bronchi-oles of the lungs,

permitting smoke and tar to clog it,

forfeiting the last breath of life a human being possesses.

Researchers have found that money can also be found in the brain,

leading to mental disorders and impeding the cranium’s regular functions.

Although rare, this phenomenon has become increasingly common within

the past few years.

The leading cause of death however is when money is found in the heart.

Scientists have proven that when currency is in the core, the heart’s purpose

is reversed, and the organ gives all of its nourishment away.

Some that have experienced this brutal misfortune reported a loss of: emotions, sensitivity, regard for others, contact, and desire for excitement.

Survivors also stated that they fell into a deep depression; anger and frustration being common.

Doctors have suggested that if this organ is significantly destructive

it should be removed immediately.

few have successfully chosen to donate to organizations who have benefited from the organ.

Benefactors experience an intensified feeling of awareness and relief after donation.

One anonymous benefactor stated, “Money isn’t everything you know. Having too much of it is never a good thing. It’s sort of useless, just like having two kidneys. At least I still have my heart.”

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